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Clear Aligners for Teen: What Parents Should Know

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Parents want the best for their teens and often ask us about the perks of Clear Aligners for Teen compared to traditional braces. Clear Aligners treatment is a style of braces that skips the usual metal and wires, and uses a clear, thermoplastic material to create removable aligners instead.

Aligners are custom-made for each patient and replaced every two weeks to attain gradually straighter teeth.

Is Clear Aligners treatment as effective?

As long as your child wears the aligners as directed, the answer is yes: they are just as effective as traditional braces. A small blue spot on the back of each aligner will fade after two weeks of proper wear. This enables Christopher Cosse to tell whether the child is wearing the aligners.

Can Clear Aligners be removed?

The recommended amount of time to wear Clear Aligners is at least 20 hours a day. They can be removed for up to four hours per day to eat, brush teeth, play sports, or play musical instruments. This makes brushing and flossing easier and helps maintain good oral hygiene!

How long does treatment take and what is the cost?

Each patient is different. Christopher Cosse can determine how many months your child may expect to wear the series of aligners after a consultation.

Typically, your teen will wear Clear Aligners about as long as traditional braces The cost is also similar to that of other traditional braces; however, there is no set fee. The cost will depend on your child’s unique orthodontic needs.

Overall Success

Clear Aligners for Teen treatment has had remarkable success, and patients love having straighter teeth without the embarrassment of metal braces. As your son or daughter becomes more confident, the patient will actually be more likely to keep up with the treatment and complete it sooner.

Speak with Christopher Cosse today to learn more about the benefits of Clear Aligners for Teen treatment. Give our Shreveport, Louisiana office a call!

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