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I-CAT® FLX 3D Imaging is a cutting-edge technology that provides Dr. Cosse and Dr. Silmon with an unprecedented view of their patient’s teeth and oral health. The system uses advanced imaging technology to capture detailed, high-quality 3D images of the mouth and teeth, allowing for more accurate diagnoses and treatment planning.

I-CAT® FLX 3D Imaging can be used in a wide range of dental treatments, including:

  • Orthodontic Evaluation: The detailed 3D images provided by I-CAT® FLX can be used to plan orthodontic treatment, allowing dentists to more accurately diagnose issues and plan effective treatment.
  • TMJ Treatment: The system can also be used to diagnose and treat temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, providing a more accurate view of the jaw and surrounding structures.
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment: I-CAT® FLX 3D Imaging can be used to diagnose sleep apnea and plan treatment, such as oral appliances or other therapies.

I-CAT® FLX 3D Imaging offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Greater accuracy for diagnosing dental issues, especially in complex cases
  • Improved treatment outcomes resulting in better oral health for patients
  • Low radiation exposure and quick scan time for patient safety
  • Comfortable and convenient imaging process for efficient diagnosis and treatment planning.

Our office is committed to providing the latest in dental technology to ensure our patients receive the highest quality care. With I-CAT® FLX 3D Imaging, we can provide a more accurate and comprehensive view of your dental health, allowing us to provide you with personalized treatment plans that meet your unique needs and preferences. If you’re interested in learning more about I-CAT® FLX 3D Imaging or any of our other advanced dental technologies, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!