Our Magnet Story - Cosse & Silmon Orthodontics | Shreveport Bossier City Stonewall Minden LA


Our car magnet story is one for the books!

What started out as a small marketing idea quickly turned into a city-wide obsession!

We created a magnet of our practice logo, and told people that if they were spotted around town with our magnet on their car, then their name would go into a drawing for free braces. Our doctors were skeptical that anyone would do it … but boy, were they wrong! People came in (patients and non-patients) to get a magnet so they could have a shot at free treatment!

Once our first batch of magnets (quickly) ran out, we decided to offer more of the same design, but in different colors, so people could pick their favorite color. From there, we started personalizing and altering our logo to fit an array of sports, holidays, pop-culture icons, and more!

Now, you can’t go much farther than a block without spotting one (or multiple!) cars with one (or multiple!) Cosse & Silmon car magnets! People love to collect them, and cover their cars with their favorites — all for their chance to win FREE BRACES!

Stop by any of our four locations to pick up your magnet, and for your chance to win FREE BRACES!