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Clear Aligners for Teen Treatment: Creating confident smiles for teens

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These days, fewer and fewer braces show up in school yearbook photos. Clear Aligners have become a popular choice for our adolescent patients because it enables them to display metal-free smiles while straightening their teeth!

Christopher Cosse can help you determine whether Clear Aligners treatment is right for you, but below are a few reasons why so many teens are choosing it today.

More Free Time

Clear Aligners for Teen require fewer appointments, which is pretty important to teens who value their free time. Clear Aligners treatment gives you straight teeth without having to miss activities or skip hanging out with your friends. It’s a win-win!

Eat, Brush, and Floss Easily

Traditional braces can make eating, brushing, and flossing both difficult and tedious. Clear Aligners are easily removable for all these important activities, and give you freedom to live your life as usual.

Metal-Free Braces

Possibly the best perk of Clear Aligners is that you can’t see them! The Clear Aligners system uses a clear plastic device that fits directly over the teeth. This means no metal parts to mar the appearance of your smile, so your Clear Aligners will straighten while allowing your pearly whites to shine through. People don’t even have to know you’re straightening your teeth with Clear Aligners.

To learn more about Clear Aligners for Teen treatment, feel free to reach out to our Shreveport, Louisiana office!

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