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Clear Aligners for Teen: Why Clear Aligners are the best choice for teens

clear aligners for teen best choice

Those challenging teenage years are some of the most self-conscious ones of your life, and concern for your appearance definitely plays a large part. Clear Aligners are becoming a very popular choice for adolescent patients today, but is it the best choice?

The results from teenage Clear Aligners users indicate that Clear Aligners are both effective for teeth straightening and for satisfying that urge to avoid the dreaded “metal mouth.” Christopher Cosse can help you determine if Clear Aligners are right for you, but this article will explain why so many people are calling Clear Aligners the best choice for teens today.

Metal-Free Braces

Clear Aligners are a clear plastic device that fits directly over the teeth. There are no metal parts to mar the look of your smile, and your Clear Aligners can straighten while allowing your pearly whites to shine through. Any teen will be the first to tell you that appearance is a top concern, so this is an excellent choice. People don’t even need to know you’re straightening your teeth with Clear Aligners.

Eat, Brush, and Floss Easily

Another particularly attractive aspect of Clear Aligners for most teenagers is the freedom it allows. While traditional metal braces can make eating, brushing, and flossing difficult, this is not the case with Clear Aligners. The aligners are easily removable for these activities, which gives teens the freedom they desire to live life as usual.

More Free Time

Clear Aligners for Teen need to be checked and adjusted at Cosse & Silmon Orthodontics less frequently than traditional braces. This allows for fewer appointments, something that is really important to teens. Having your teeth straightened is no reason to forgo activities or make room in your schedule for constant office visits when you choose Clear Aligners.

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