Airway Aware

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Cosse & Silmon Orthodontics is committed to performing the most innovative methods of treatment in TMJ and airway dysfunction. We utilize the most advanced orthodontic technology which not only creates beautiful smiles, but also places focus on the patient’s airway to provide better breathing and an all-around healthier lifestyle.

During every initial consultation, we evaluate the patient’s airway with our state-of-the-art CBCT X-ray machine.

Better Breathing for Every Patient

After evaluating the patient’s CBCT scan results and going over any symptoms, we will create a plan that will greatly improve our patients’ breathing ability. This could include removal of the tonsils and adenoids, or recommending a tongue-tie evaluation, if those structures are part of the problem.

It may require orthodontic treatments with an expander appliance and braces to open the breathing passageway.

Signs of a decreased airway can include snoring, ADHD symptoms, low energy, anxiety or depression, behavioral issues, chronic fatigue, decreased or lack of dreaming, and bed wetting to name a few.

These symptoms can affect social life, school and athletic performance, and overall health.

Experience the Difference

For many children nine and under, expanding the palate triples or quadruples the volume of air they’re able to breathe through their nose. It is vital to diagnose the problem as early as possible so the palate can be expanded while its upper seam has yet to close.

Children are not the only ones who can benefit from an airway evaluation, however. We have many adult patients who are amazed by how life-changing our airway treatment has been for them.

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